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21 May

Beer, it is not just for drinking!

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Here are a couple of uses for old beer instead of throwing it out. I do not run into this problem a lot, as I really like beer, but for the less passionate beer drinker these tips could be of use.

Dealing with snails and slugs

Snails and slugs love beer. A beer trap can be made which is just a small dish or jar with beer poured in and then buried in affected areas up to the rim. The snails and slugs drop in but can’t get out. Another interesting variation on this is to spray beer on weeds so the snails eat those instead of your plants – using a pest to control a pest. Of course, once you’re out of weeds, an you will still be dealing with fruit flies

To get rid of fruit flies , put a little beer in a cup. Then cut the corner off of a sandwich bag and place the cut corner in the cup; folding the rest around the cup and securing with a rubber band. Place the cup in the bin. The flies go in and then cannot get back out.

Rodent trap

Rodents are said to be also attracted to the smell of beer. A little poured into a bucket with a ramp leading to the lip can be used as a bucket trap. Of course you still need to deal with the critters; who will also likely be drunk and possibly argumentative by that point 🙂

Compost booster

Sprinkle the beer over a compost pile and then turn it over – it’s said to give the micro-organisms a real boost.

Plant fertilizer

A little beer splashed around the base of plants will provide them with additional nutrients; but don’t drown them in the stuff.

Wood furniture cleaning

A little beer on a cloth rubbed into your wooden furniture will help remove dust and grime and revive the grain patterns.

Copper cleaner

Apply to copper items, let sit for a bit and then buff off (spot test first of course)

Gold polish

Dump your gold jewelry into the beer, then buff with a soft cloth

Bee deterrent

Places shallow dishes of beer on the outer boundary of the area where you are having a BBQ or a picnic to entice bees to those spots rather than where you are gathered.