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31 May

Common Questions About E Cigarettes

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E cigarettes or water vapor cigarette can seem like complex devices to some people. Among the most common questions people and smokers ask about these kinds of cigarettes include: How do they work? How long will they last? Do I need to contact someone if they fail to work? Will they malfunction if I put them in water? Do they explode? How do I turn them on? If you want answers to these kinds of questions then the best way to get them is by contacting the retailers of the e cigarettes. What you have to remember about e cigarettes is that they are completely safe, and easy to use.

In fact, new models are being created each year with the goal of creating a device which perfectly mimics real cigarettes. So as far as gathering information goes, it’s best to stay updated. A lot of improvements have been achieved on electronic cigarettes in recent years, and what that means is that they are getting better with each passing year. After the invention of electronic cigarette in 2003, it is getting more and more publicity because of its benefits

 This electronic cigarette was invented to replace those old and harmful traditional cigarettes. if compared to the regular traditional cigarettes than electronic cigarette is less harmful than regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are assembled with three different parts. An atomizer, cartomizer and a battery. the total number of adults who smokes in only USA is 46.6 million. Electronic cigarette uses a liquid nicotine as its fuel and exhales vapors in place of smoke. The atomizer is mainly a heating element which is used to heat up the nicotine fuel.

There are no any passive smoking effects of this cigarette. There are various electronic cigarette brands present in the market. Some of the top brands are Smoke Revolution, EverSmoke, White Cloud, Premium, Smoketip, Esmoke  Etc. Each electronic cigarette brand is trying to be the best electronic cigarettes brand in the market. The cartomizer of a electronic cigarette is a plastic container which is filled with a sponge like material which is used to hold the liquid fuel. the power source of this exciting device is a lithium ion rechargeable battery. According to various electronic cigarette review, electronic cigarette helps you to control your smoking habit. While smoking with electronic cigarette you don’t need a lighter or a ashtray because there is no fire or flame in it.

30 May

Two Reasons Why E Cigarettes Are Better Than Nicotine Patches

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I am a resident of Alaska and works for an ecommerce company. I used to work for the company from home. One day I was sitting at my home and I was free. When I was surfing internet I just received a E-mail. It was from one of my old friend. He had sent me a link which was related to a new device. Regularly I used to smoke approx 12-15 cigarettes a day. Which was also effecting my health. I opened the link and found a website which was about electronic cigarette. At that time I was surprised because I never heard about an electronic cigarette before.

But electronic cigarette was taken as alternative as in place of traditional because it is not much harmful as compared to the real cigarettes. Then I researched more about electronic cigarettes. There are two reasons why e cigarettes are better than nicotine patches when trying to overcome a smoking habit. First of all, nicotine patches work slowly, and for many people they don’t actually give the same type of euphoric experience that one gets from an actual cigarette. In contrast an e cigarette is designed primarily to imitate real cigarettes. I read various v2 cigs review and decided to order a starter kit of it.

It feels like a real cigarette also, and for many people that makes the transition of using real cigarettes a lot easier. Add to the fact that most nicotine patches work slower than electronic cigarettes and it becomes obvious why many smokers prefer electronic cigarettes. Another reason why people think Smokeless Cigarettes are better than nicotine patches is that they are cheaper. You can buy a single Smokeless Cigarette and you can use it for as long as you can keep it working. The only catch is that you’ll have to replace the cartridges when they run out, and those tend to be cheaper than actual nicotine patches.

29 May

The Choices Offered

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I was looking for the best electronic cigarette. And would like to share my experience with you. The Safe Cig electronic cigarettes present three of its kinds. You can choose from the three kits as per your requirement: Starter Kit: The entry level kit designed for the casual smokers. Perfect for a couple of puffs or so at a time. This kit comprises of a five pack of refill cartridges, a battery, a USB Charger that is compatible with any USB port on any computer, be it PC or Mac and a wall charger. This costs $69.95. Starter Kit Pro: The mid-level entry kit. This kit is perfect for the everyday smoker. This has a five pack of refill cartridges, two batteries, one USB charger and one wall charger. This costs $89.95. Starter Kit Deluxe: The high-end kit made for the heavy smoker. The kit has two packs of five refill cartridges of your choice of flavor and strength, three batteries, two USB chargers, a wall charger and a car charger and the Safe Case. This costs $137.95.

To help the smokers in getting rid of their habit of smoking, there are a number of stop smoking aids developed using cutting edge technology, such as nicotine tablets, nicotine patches etc. The most phenomenal out of all are the electronic cigarettes. Some of the best electronic cigarettes have been crafted superbly, comprising of a cartridge, containing nicotine, water and added flavor; and an atomizer, that heats up the ingredients in the cartridge by obtaining power from a rechargeable battery; and provides the smoker with pure vapor of nicotine to inhale. The positive point about electronic cigarettes is that, it lets the smokers avoid the carcinogens, the tar and the harmful carbon monoxide which are otherwise contained in the tobacco smoke. There is an array of electronic cigarette brands available in the market these days and you can simply choose a suitable brand for yourself and shift over to it, inhaling harmless, tasteful and warm vapors of nicotine, to satisfy the body’s urge for it.

28 May

If you are interested in using an electronic cigarette, it’s important to know how they differ from traditional cigarettes. For smokers, most electronic cigarettes are generally not that different from the real thing. Electronic cigarettes have nicotine chambers to simulate the effects of actual smoking, and to create the illusion that the person using it is actually smoking, their tips glow to create the illusion of fire. I was also looking for an electronic cigarette to control my habit of smoking. So I considered various brands such as South Beach, V2 Cigs, The Safe Cig, Smoketip, White Cloud, Esmoke, EverSmoke, Smoke Revolution etc.

It’s also worth noting that a single nicotine cartridge holds enough nicotine for roughly 15 cigarettes. What this basically means is that a single electronic cigarette is a lot cheaper than buying packs of cigarettes. The only thing you need to worry about is replacing the nicotine cartridge when it runs out. The main benefit of smoking an electric cigarette is that it has very less harmful effects in comparison to regular cigarettes. Each electric cigarette brand is providing different flavors and various accessories with their electric cigarettes. Some of the common flavors provided by the companies are Tobacco or Classic tobacco, Menthol, Strawberry, Cherry, Vanilla, and Chocolate etc.

Also, it’s worth noting that there are different kinds of nicotine cartridges. Some of them will have more nicotine, while others will have less. People use different cartridges depending on their need for smoking. Regardless of what kind of cartridges people use though, electronic cigarettes are certainly less harmful than real cigarettes. I found that various electronic cigarettes reviews says that electronic cigarettes are helpful to control your habit of smoking. By decreasing the level of nicotine in your cigarette time by time one can control your habit of smoking cigarettes. I decided to turn towards electronic cigarettes. Because it was looking like the best alternative in place of tobacco cigarettes.